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Sign up for Streetmix+

Streetmix is an ad-free and free-to-use platform that makes street design available to anyone in the world, and you can help us keep it that way! Sign up for Streetmix+, a membership-based monthly subscription tier, to support hosting costs and ongoing development. Members will also get exclusive access to new and improved features in Streetmix!

Streetmix+ is currently in early beta.


Here’s some of the features that are currently available to Streetmix+ members, with more to come!

  • Rename street segments
  • Change environmental backgrounds
  • Export images without watermark
  • New segments: double decker bus, microvan, and autonomous shuttles
  • Unlimited streets (Technically, everyone does have unlimited streets already, but this creates some data storage problems on our end, so we need to start setting caps. We’ll do this in a fair way. Stay tuned for more.)
  • Coming soon: Export images at print-ready resolutions
  • Coming soon: Member-only Discord community

Streetmix+ members will also be able to help us prioritize future features to come!

Signing up


Our preferred method for signing up for Streetmix+ is through Coil. Built on the open Web Monetization protocol, Coil subscribers automatically get access to Streetmix+ membership. Here’s how to sign up and activate Streetmix+ through Coil.

  1. Sign up or log in to an existing account through Coil. A Coil membership is only $5 / month.
  2. Install the Coil Browser Extension. It works for all major browsers!
  3. Enjoy Streetmix+! Make sure you’re signed your Streetmix user account while the extension is active, and you’ll get all the features listed above.


We’re looking into a way to automatically link Streetmix+ membership to OpenCollective contributors. If you are a past or current OpenCollective contributor at $5 / month or above, you can manually opt into Streetmix+ by reaching out to us at Please let us know the Streetmix account username you would like to associate with a Streetmix+ membership.

Confirming your membership

When your Streetmix+ membership is active, you’ll see an icon beside your user account name, like so:

Menu bar with Streetmix+ icon

Help, questions and feedback

Let us know what you think in our Discord or at!