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Reference library

Here is an overview of many (though not all) of the illustrations created for Streetmix so far, for easy reference. The canonical source of all illustration files are located in this repository. (Images shown here are not drawn to scale.)


bike rack parallel left bike rack parallel right bike rack perpendicular left bike rack perpendicular right
biker 01 inbound biker 01 outbound biker 02 inbound biker 02 outbound
bikeshare left bikeshare right


apartments narrow left


apartments narrow right
apartments wide left


apartments wide right
arcade left


arcade right
residential left


residential right
waterfront left


waterfront rightt
parking lot left


parking lot right
fenced lot left


fenced lot right






jersey barrier concrete


jersey barrier plastic


person waiting 01 left pickup sign left


pickup sign right person waiting 01 right


bike lane divider bollard dome planter box


cafe seating occupied cafe seating bench center bench left bench right


lamp traditional both lamp traditional center lamp traditional left lamp traditional right lamp traditional with base wyc
lamp modern both lamp modern left lamp modern right


yerba buena parklet left v02


yerba buena parklet right v02


nora people 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people 9 people 10 people 11 people 12 people 13 people 14 people 15 people 16 people 17 people 18 people 19 people 20 people 21 people 22 people 23 people 24 people 25 people 26 people 27 people 28 people 29 people 30 people 31 johnny 01 johnny 02 junebug 01 junebug 02


flowers blue flowers orange flowers red flowers white flowers yellow bush grass


scooter inbound scooter outbound scooter left docked scooter right docked scooter left rider scooter right rider


inception train


bus inbound bus outbound double decker bus inbound double decker bus outbound light rail inbound light rail outbound streetcar inbound streetcar outbound av shuttle inbound av shuttle outbound brt bus inbound brt bus outbound
transit shelter 01 left transit shelter 01 right transit shelter 02 left transit shelter 02 right
brt station right brt station center brt station left


tree palm tree


utility pole right utility pole left


car inbound car outbound car inbound turn signal right car inbound turn signal left car outbound turn signal right car outbound turn signal left car inbound door right car inbound door left car outbound door right car outbound door left car sideways right car sideways left car angled front left car angled front right taxi inbound door right rideshare inbound door left rideshare outbound door right rideshare outbound door left taxi inbound door right taxi inbound door left taxi outbound door right taxi outbound door left
av inbound av outbound foodtruck left foodtruck right krz motorbike inbound krz motorbike outbound microvan inbound microvan outbound truck inbound truck outbound
magic carpet aladdin jasmine magic carpet jasmine aladdin magic carpet aladdin magic carpet jasmine


nyc wayfinding pylon small


nyc wayfinding pylon medium


nyc wayfinding pylon large